Solution 7-Citizens Legal Defense Fund-Strong Legal Arm
to Defend American Founding Principles-Challenge Unconstitutional acts, Compel Duties by Mandamus/Injunctions,expose Misuse of Resources,Misconduct Complaints

Uniting Citizens to take back Control of their Government by PLANS, not Just Hot Air.

Everybody has a Legal Defense Fund: Jews, Gays, Blacks, Unions-- while the Middle Class relies on the Parties. DUMP the Parties.

Don't be Naive. Legal Power is IMPORTANT. You complain of misuse of resources, ignoring of the Constitution, over-stepping of power, secret acts against Citizens, but you DO NOTHING ABOUT IT. Get SERIOUS: Get a... Strong Legal Arm.

  • Anti-Patriots & Anti-Americans get 10's of Millions of $$/year.

  • Middle Americans Spend NOTHING on Defending Their Way of Life
    No Wonder they get run over.

  • These Elites, President, Senate and Agencies are OUT OF CONTROL. They're trying to make EVERYTHING National Security and label & target Patriots as Anti-Government.

  • Case law says ANY OFFICIAL or JUDGE who attempts or conspires to Deprive Rights is a CRIMINAL, a felon and clearly acts against the Interests of Citizens. DUTY to PROTECT our RIGHTS may be COMPELLED by MANDAMUS. Even a Judge or Senator.

These arrogant Elites and Government Employees (at ALL Levels)think they are
News media think they can slander Patriots and misrepresent without legal liability.
The cost to you in taxes, debt & Damage to our country and way of life is TRILLIONS of Dollars used mostly AGAINST YOU! It's time to put 1% (or even .1%) of that amount into DEFENDING YOURSELF & COUNTRY!
Isn't it time you took a Legal 2x4 to out-of-control public servants, Big Media, Rogue Agencies & Slanderers?

If you can't pitch in $20 to Turn this Around, STOP complaining. Help United-Citizens get the word out to get our STRONG LEGAL ARM STARTED (to be a separate entity, like NAACP's LDF fund). We can't ask for help until April 2014. But we can't stop you from donating toward this cause.(not tax deductable)

7.1) Spread the Word on Where & How to File ETHICS & Criminal Complaints
Get Experts to HELP

Government Employees routinely ignore their own rules, especially the IRS (ignores state laws in filing lien notices, which is against IRS procedures, violates due process, which is CRIMINAL and FRAUD.) They routinely are inefficient and waste resources (such as more employees than needed, employees not working).

This important step can make a HUGE Difference. Government employees are ALL subject to Ethics Rules, they often break. Misuse of resources is the most common, in all kinds of ways, even by knowing inefficiency or improper methods (as in Defense Classification system.)

Know Where to File, even against Congressmen and Top Officials. (Such as Council of Inspector Generals). Know what's covered by ethics. All Criminal matters are also Ethics complaints. Even the US Attorney General is subject to both Ethics and Criminal complaints. He must recuse when he is accused.

Most important is to follow basic Criminal or Civil Complaint format: Small numbered separate succinct positive statement paragraphs (FACTS ADMISSIONS (they must admit or deny), citing Evidence (attach and give Exhibit number), grouped by COUNT(S) that the facts above support. (This is why we need lawyers. Get a lawyer to review your Complaint before filing. ALWAYS BE HONEST, TRUE, ACCURATE, COMPLETE.)

7.2) Preparations for Forming a
Strong Citizens Legal Arm

This will take time, money, planning, educating, promoting & recruiting of good leadership and lawyers. The actual Legal Fund should be a separate organization like NAACP's LDF chartered to back these principles.

Every day we hear tons of complaints by citizens crying about Presidents over-stepping authority, ignoring the Constitution, likewise Congress or the Senate and Agencies.

We KNOW various agencies have not only broken the law, they have actively conspired and acted to Deprive our Constitutional rights (NSA,Interior Dept,TSA for examples).

THESE ARE ALL HIGH CRIMES, when they know better -- Various crimes THEY GET AWAY WITH!! Because YOU SIT THERE Talking.
At the very least it is misconduct and they can be COMPELLED by Injunctions & Mandamus to do right. When they are well-Notified but continue, they become PERSONALLY LIABLE (acting outside of authority on a personal excursion, it is called).


Don't be turned off by the word "Legal". Court is what our Founders of the Nation intended for us to USE, actively to defend our Constitution and way of Life.
It is US who have failed to use it.
And YES, Law cases are EXPENSIVE. Legal Actions like these begin around $30,000 and big cases going to the Supreme Court can go up to $5Million or more.

SO WHAT? YOU PAY a TRILLION per year used mostly AGAINST YOU and USA, to waste our precious military and enforce thousands of laws, 2/3 of which are UNNECESSARY.
We lose WAY MORE than 1 Trillion Dollars per year in losing our WAY OF LIFE !!!
We may lose our whole Country and have lost our Freedom!!! GET REAL. Prepare to put a LITTLE Money against these Evil Idiots & Elites trying to Enslave and Control us

When you see them squirm under Non-Frivolous Complaints, it will be worth EVERY PENNY.

When elites publish goals openly subversive to American Principles, they can be held Accountable. When Big Media deliberately put a "spin" on a story to support such subversion, they can be liable. When they falsely malign people who support American principles, they can be liable.

Do you think it "leaves a false impression" when mostly peaceful Americans whose main goal is to RESTORE Original Intent of Constitutional government---are repeatedly maligned using "guilt by association" with a FEW nuts? Take a look at this . Is that what they are doing?

Such Jewish-controlled (most of lawyers and some staff) organization's information is cited by US DOJ in prosecution of many Patriots for merely stupid acts like believing they have the right to "travel" without a license (we don't know if they have any legal point or not), or maybe possess arms as guaranteed by the 2nd amendment in some locality that is anti-guns. (We are NOT anti-Jewish. We believe their broad indictment leaves a false impression and is unfair to most Patriots).

The point is that little Legal Group brings in about $10 Million per year (estimate). It plays some to Elite/Government interests to reduce patriotism and nationalism. One more reason it is prominent. It has helped US DOJ in civil rights cases against Extremists and Klan members, and deserves credit there.

What is YOUR Group bringing in? NOTHING. Because a) you DON"T HAVE ONE, and b) you don't support it. Help us help you Get one!

You have to understand WHY "Patriot" and "Nationalism" are the new Dirty Words, so much that patriots are now described as domestic terrorists by Homeland Security. Read our site and view videos to understand WHY. It is also because of some STUPID people who go too far and give Patriots a Bad Name. If that's you.. Stop it. Read and understand the LAW. Do NOT be Threatening or you WILL go to prison and hurt all Patriots.

And don't claim you are a Sovereign without any constraints or Jurisdiction over you. You are WRONG. We can Prove it. Most of the Freeman claims are Urban Legend Crap. Not all-most.

Start by helping us promote the idea, and educate !

If Citizens can win a couple of cases, a Legal Fund may start getting some quality legal help FREE or at discount, from big firms wanting to be associated with a big win, for publicity, and some just to help America. Not many would, but a few would, just like some BIG Corporations will, eventually.

  • Do you want the President to defend USA's borders? Bring legal action for Mandamus.
  • Do you want the government to follow the Intent of the Constitution? Challenge laws for Constitutionality.
  • Do you want to stop waste and misuse of resources, like 3500 Admirals for 375 ships? SUE THEM.
  • Do you want NSA to properly do its' job to spy on DANGEROUS FOREIGNERS? Sue them. (and expose criminal acts at the same time).
  • Know there is misconduct? FILE Misconduct & Criminal Complaints.
  • Want to know what they really did or said? File for FOIA disclosures. File for Suit preparation Discovery.
  • Want NBC to stop distorting and presenting one side and big government propaganda (if so)? SUE THEM.
  • Been Slandered as a Patriotic American by some group claiming to defend rights, but not all rights and leaving false damaging impressions? SUE THEM.

The lists is endless and Important.
HELP BY TELLING OTHERS and PREPARE TO GET STARTED Promoting and Educating so People will BACK IT!! This will require Skilled Planning and Strategy. We can ask right now, but we can't stop you from donating.

Conclusions Regarding a Citizens' Legal Arm:

We all scream about how illegal our public servants act. PROVE IT IN COURT, GET discovery that will SEND THEM TO JAIL.

Our Nations Founders gave you Tools to Protect yourself! GET THEM, Make the Culprits SQUIRM like Bill Clinton near Impeachment. Get Legal Advocates on your side. THIS IS NEAR NOTHING IN COST Relative to its value !! Wake up. This is NOT rocket science.

Make Officers ACCOUNTABLE. Get some LEGAL POWER. None of them pay attention until Served by a U.S. Marshal or Constable in Uniform.

Understanding the Ruling Elite and their goals to rule the world under a guise of bringing peace.

NOTE: Until April 2014, we are NOT SOLICITING funds in ANY State. We can not stop you from donating, but we are not soliciting. (Such would go to purposes of this site).

You may Help, but we can't ask until April 2014

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