Whistleblowers Attacked by our Controlled Media and Government

Helping average citizens restore their government to its purpose: to serve them--- Not a Global Corporatocracy.

Stark differences between
a Spy and Whistleblower.

You've been deceived by Big media, Cheney, three Republican Congressmen (possibly just dumb) and ex-CIA deputy director.
They confused you ON PURPOSE (some now regretting due to attacks on journalists' rights).
Brian Manning's actions were too broad, careless, going beyond Whistleblower to dangerous.
DISCERNMENT is wisdom. Edward Snowden is a Whistleblower.
--- Like Daniel Ellsberg releasing the Pentagon Papers carefully to Journalists.


Big media assist the ruling Elite's goal "to erode national sovereignty" stated in 1974 toward a Global Corporatocracy. That's a QUOTE from Bottom of 3rd page of text, CFR Journal, Foreign Affairs: http://www.thepowerhour.com/articles/HardRoadtoWorldOrder.pdf (Don't believe it? Read it.)

NSA Spying beyond authorized is Unconstitutional and is several crimes,
and part of the apparatus to control citizens and remove rights as much as to catch bad guys.
After all, WHO let the bad guys INTO USA?

COMPARE a WhistleBlower to a REAL SPY,
which the media do not help to do.

Informs Citizens of Wrong Doing or Crimes in Government

Works solely for Enemy to help the enemy

Goes to Authorities (unless corrupt) or to Best Independent NEWS MEDIA and Requires discretion to NOT release that which is actually harmful to the country. Works quietly for years giving secrets specifically to harm the Country spied-upon
Evidence of Government Wrong-Doing Shows Actual Wrong-doing: Acts outside of authority invading rights of Citizens and Waste, Misuse of Resources Provides weaknesses and strengths of military
GETS NOTHING but Criticism, possible jail and Risks Everything For the People to warn them like Paul Revere and the Framers who warned you about Tyrants seeking power GETS PAID - Something plenty in return usually hundreds of thousands of dollars in secret account, and gets protection, whisked away if suspected , to the foreign country BY that country (or killed).
Takes measures to keep the information from falling into hands of enemies of their country, such as Encryption and placement out of reach of others, hidden, sequestered. Outright gives all the available secret information to the Enemy.
Asks INDEPENDENT News Journalists to study and Inquire of the Agency what specific parts are vital or harms would come from each specific release (of portion) (ie: NOT all the information is released, only that which informs Citizens NO limit in releases, and certainly no cautious release, and none to journalists.
Collects only enough to inform the Media Journalists of the seriousness of the misconduct and its over-breadth (and may keep some back on a "deadman wire" to protect themselves)

Collects all they can and sends it all to the enemy.
Finds and rather promptly reports to Journalist or Authority (if not corrupt)

Continues for as long as possible, years or decades as long as they can get away with it.

So Cheney and Republican Congressmen calling Snowden the worst case of spying for China is PROPAGANDA-LIES. As usual.

The Constitutional LAW behind Snowden's Reasonable Belief the NSA overstepped Constitutional bounds and LIED about it.

Ex-FBI/CIA Counter Terrorism Expert Admits Wrong-Doing and Crime
that Endangers Americans !! -
Admitted "Over-Classifying documents"

IMPORTANT WHY ? : Because over-classifying requires more classified clearances of low level people like Brian Manning (released 80,000 documents) to do their routine jobs, hence creating unnecessary risk, AND officials (Philip Mudd for one) openly admit knowingly over classifying and knowing it creates this problem. Hence it is criminal misuse of government resources to weaken American Defenses. At LEAST, it knowingly endangers the United States.

Phillip Mudd, former Deputy Director of FBI- CIA Center on Terrorism admitted on Charlie Rose PBS show on Aug 1 (or July31), 2013 regarding Brian Manning (private who release 80,000 documents) equating him to Edward Snowden (only documents about spying on citizens and European partners) that US Defense Officials under his guidance routinely over-classifies documents. He said "We overclassify documents all the time."

Phillp Mudd Admits  Routine Crimes Endangering Americans.
Phillip Mudd -
Official MOUTHPIECE of Security Apparatus

Refusal to perform duties properly is a crime (misuse of government resources- which is Official Oppression (Look it up in every state criminal laws)), like other crimes NSA officials did when LYING to Congress then admitting they lied !!

There is NO excuse to LIE to Congress. Clapper should have said "I can not discuss that publicly". (and gone to closed session)


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